Anglican Church interaction documents

Below is the infamous 2007 NO DOUBT document assuring the local parish that the site is not being sold and the future of the Church building is not in doubt. A campaign by some parishioners to have the site heritage listed was abandoned after this triple-signed statement was distributed.
We were much more naïve and trusting then said one of those campaigners recently.
NB. Jeff Park , Rectors Warden is to this day often seen with the hopeful Huskisson Hotel owner and has actively supported his efforts to buy the Church and burial site.

The documents below are from Shoalhaven Council files. They letters make clear the Council was acting on behalf the Anglican Church and ignoring the advice of expert Heritage professionals and the interests of the wider community.



We include the exchange of letters with Bishop Hayward to clarify both the HHA position and that of Bishop Heyward in 2019. At this stage he knew of claims of Aboriginal burials on the site. Two years on Bishop Heyward now claims he was ignorant of the Aboriginal graves and that the Church has done nothing illegal. We think their transgressions are moral, and not necessarily illegal.
We think we should ALL heed the message on Bishop Hayward’s parish FB site In our own lifetime, we have been guilty of silent acquiescence to the status quo, not wanting to see the pain and social trauma felt by those who suffered and still suffer from the violence and injustice of the colonial past. We are guilty of moral insensitivity— that is, of not valuing our neighbour as much as we value ourselves. We are guilty of moral blindness, of simply not noticing or caring enough.



Below is the text of an email sent to the Anglican Property Trust in 2018. It makes clear the HHA position at that time, proving much of what is claimed about our position by church officials is false. No reply was ever received.