Art Auction

A chance to own your own piece of local heritage, your own connection to a local hero.

John Hatton, AO, Australian Living Treasure (National Trust) has just painted this scene of Blenheim’s Beach. It will be auctioned on Saturday 12th June, at the Dent Street Community Centre on Husky Heritage Day.
John Hatton will be there to present the painting and provide you with a photo -op.
This is your once in a lifetime chance to own a genuine Hatton.
The proceeds will go to the Huskisson Heritage Association that is fighting to keep the former Huskisson Anglican church site from destruction. It contains the lovey little Cyril Blacket church, old growth trees and graves of both European and Indigenous people. It is at the heart of our local heritage.

The painting is on view at Boobooks on Owen, Huskisson

Come along on the 12thJune at 1.30 pm and bid generously. If you cannot be there, you can place early bids by contacting our email with ‘Hatton bid’ in the subject line.