Mayoral Minute moved by Amanda Findley and approved at an an Extra-Ordinary Council Meeting 20/9/13

MOTION (Clr Findley / Cr Butler)

That Council
1. Affirms that it fully supports the application made to the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water by the Jerrinja LALC, seeking a declaration of emergency protection for lots 7 and 8 in DP 758530 on the corner of Hawke, Bowen and Currambene Streets, Huskisson NSW (including the former Anglican Church at Huskisson).
2. Commence the process to immediately list the Former Anglican Church, Huskisson and any associated items on the site (including Lots 7 and 8 Section 3 DP 758530) as a ‘Heritage Item of local significance in Schedule 5 of the Shoalhaven Local Environment Plan 2014, including the preparation of an updated statement of heritage significance and any other required supporting information.
3. As part of the Gateway determination submitted to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, note that although a development consent for the relocation of the church has been issued and commenced, that this is not the will of the current Council elected in December 2021.
4. Report back to Council as soon as possible on additional measures that Council can take to immediately protect the site while its heritage listing is being pursued.
5. Confirm 29 September 2022 as the date for a comprehensive briefing on the matter with Councillors and stakeholders.  
FOR: Clr Findley, Clr Kotlash, Clr Norris, Clr Butler, Clr D’Ath, Clr Christen and Clr Gray
AGAINST: Clr Copley, Clr Ell, Cir White. Clr Wells, Clr Watson and Clr Kitchener  
Click on link below for webcast. Huskisson Church item starts at 11:36