“Highly Confidential” letter: Huskisson Hotel owner to Shoalhaven Council.


NB. Phil is Phillip Costello, SCC Director, Planning, Environment and Development & Stephen is Stephen Dunshea, SCC CEO (Hover over document to turn page or zoom)

Despite accepting the conditions of the DA that stated trees [were] to be protected and retained on the site Huskisson Hotel owner & developer Bartlett used the notorious 45-degree rule to fell trees on the site. The removal of the stumps and other actions on the site could have compromised any future Ground Penetrating Radar surveys of the site. Local indigenous elders have spoken of trees being planted as marker trees on graves and it is also possible that indigenous burials on the site were without coffins.
Disrespect for the community is here for all to see.

The 45-degree rule was an “only in the Shoalhaven” rule that pretty much allowed landowners to fell trees because they wanted to, and believe us, a lot wanted to. Even the then Liberal Planning Minister Rob Stokes’ wrote this letter to the Mayor re 45-degree rule and “perverse outcomes”.
With the “progressive Council elected in December 2021 there has been a protracted fight in the chamber to get the “rule” wound back or deleted.