Jerrinja LALC Application to Commonwealth Govt. for Heritage protection of Church site. June 2020

Jerrinja Local Aboriginal Land Council Application for the protection of a specified area, being the area known as the former Anglican Holy Trinity Church grounds, in Huskisson, New South Wales


Sussan Penelope Ley, Minister for the Environment

The request for heritage protection of the site was made in June 2021. The local Aboriginal community rallied to the call by the Jerrinja LALC and made personal submissions. The JLALC made their submission and was granted funding to engage a consultant to assist them in preparing the submission. The HHA was encouraged to make a submission and lodged a detailed account of the site’s history.

The JLALC also raised the heritage value of the Church building to them, given the long assocaiation between the Church and the Aboriginal community.

The Minister Ley’s Dept is fully aware a subsequent independent Ground Penetrating Radar survey found seventy-three areas of disturbed soil most likely to be associated with unmarked grave shafts and/or funerary burial urns. They are also aware of the Shoalhaven Council decision to apply for an Excavation Permit and the distress this is causing.

Our understanding, as at November 2022, is that after well over two years a response has never been received.