Land Grants and Land Title Documents

  • 1876: List of Crown Land before parliament intended to be dedicated for ‘ Public Purposes’ includes Lots 7 & 8, Section 3, Huskisson, for ‘Church of England church and parsonage.’
  • 1877: Trustees appointed for land dedicated for church & parsonage in Huskisson. Trustees were local identities: John Watson, George Dent (senior), James Dent, Thomas Granderton & William Barham.
  • 1878: 1st January: Government granted the land to church trustees – Lot 8 – ½ acre
  • 1880: 10th January: second grant to the trustees – Lot 7 – 1 acre.
  • 1979: 29th November: Title transferred to Anglican Church Property Trust Sydney Diocese
  • 2017: 14th February: Huskisson Land Sale Ordinance. The Archbishop of Sydney assents to an Ordinance permitting sale of Huskisson property by the Anglican Church Property Trust.
  • 2018: Both church lots currently zoned Infrastructure SP2 – Place of Worship. Current DCP allows development up to 3-4 stories.
Original Land Grant Lot 7
DETAIL: Original Land Grant Lot 7
DETAIL: Original Land Grant Lot 7
Original Land Grant Lot 8
DETAIL: Original Land Grant Lot 8


HHA Inc researchers have sighted official documents that say the Church has exchanged contracts with a developer and that settlement is not planned until June 2021.

Until settlement the ACPT (Diocese of Sydney) is the owner of the whole 1½ acre site and is responsible for everything that happens on the site. Huskisson Hotel owner and hopeful developer Stephen Bartlett has been heard to say that he is the owner. He described himself as such to the police.