Dr. Feary’s 2018 “Aboriginal… due diligence assessment”


You can find Sue Feary’s so-called Aboriginal… due diligence assessment here.


Dr. Sue Feary, who Cl. Gash claims to know, has, to our knowledge never claimed to be “an Aboriginal person” and never contemplated “looking after the graves” or assuming custodianship of anything Indigenous. Her Aboriginal… due diligence assessment does NOT say that “there is no concern at all on this site”.

We can only assume that Cl Gash in her eagerness to get this development over the line made a mistake. Unfortunately, it led senior Council staff to claim in a subsequent Council meeting that Dr Feary’s report was an example of Indigenous consultation!

Interestingly Dr Feary who gave her report before any GPR surveys were done did say If the precautionary principle is adopted, the logical outcome is for the proposed redevelopment to avoid any disturbance of the land where GPR survey has identified possible graves. (p.3)