Who we are

The Huskisson Heritage Association Inc. exists to preserve the heritage of Huskisson.
Our Save Husky Church campaign is for heritage protection for the burial ground, trees and historic buildings on the 1½ acre Anglican owned site in the middle of Huskisson.
We enjoy has mass support in the village and wider community, however the Anglican Church Property Trust (Sydney Diocese) has exchanged contracts with the owner of the Huskisson Hotel, developer Stephen Bartlett and together they are ruthlessly championing a development which will trash the values of the site. Huskisson does not need another hotel, especially a 16m high one!

Support our campaign by..

  1. Coming to our weekly Saturday morning protest vigils on the site.
    9.30 am to lunchtime. Bring a coffee. Call by for a campaign update.
  2. Joining the Huskisson Heritage Association Inc.
    Submit an Application for Membership.
  3. Donating to the HHA. Please consider supporting us financially.
    We have campaign costs for promotional material. We have legal costs, etc.
    BSB: 633000
    A/c #: 167658558
    Email details of your donation to huskissonheritage@gmail.com.au so we can email you a receipt